Established in 2020, the Selkirk Accessible Transit Fund helps fund accessible transit options for all citizens in Selkirk. The money raised will go to into upgrades to our current fleet, and hopefully making transit options more available across Selkirk.

Your Donations Are Permanent Gifts and Leave a Legacy

Donations made to the fund are permanently held and invested. The income generated from these investments is used to help fund the maintenance and enhancement of Selkirk’s transit fleet and programs. By donating to the Selkirk Accessible Transit Endowment Fund, you are helping make sure your neighbours are able to get to the important appointments and places they need to be at an affordable price for everyone.

Donate Today

Making a donation to the Selkirk Accessible Transit Endowment Fund and leaving a lasting legacy on transportation options in the city is easy, and it’s tax deductible! You can make a donation today by doing one of the following:

The Selkirk Accessible Transit Endowment Fund is held and professionally managed by the Selkirk + District Community Foundation.

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