During this global pandemic the City’s primary focus is the health and safety of our citizens and our employees. While public health and health care is not a municipal function, we do play a critical role in the health of our community by delivering essential municipals services to our citizens. This page has been created, and will be updated throughout this pandemic event, to help keep citizens informed about our services and the efforts the City is undertaking.

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Public Health Information
Selkirk’s Business Continuity Plan and Response Strategy
Changes to City Services, Facilities and Programs
Special Services from Selkirk Businesses
Halloween 2020



Public Health and Virus Information

For all up-to-date information regarding personal preventative measures, testing, or other healthcare information, please go to the Government of Manitoba’s COVID-19 webpage, the Government of Canada’s dedicated webpage, or call Health Links – Info Sante toll free at 1-888-315-9257.

Selkirk’s Business Continuity Plan and Response Strategy

The city has developed a Business Continuity and Response Strategy to guide the City’s response to this pandemic as the situation changes and evolves. This document outlines the actions each municipal service area will be taking to reduce the risk to employees who are delivering critical municipal services to you, our Citizens. The City is taking responsible and proactive precautions to maintain our ability to deliver the essential services and to reduce risk to citizens within City facilities. We are sharing our high-level plan with the public to help inform citizens about our current actions and the actions we plan to take as this evolving situation requires us to raise our level of preparedness. This is an evolving plan and we anticipate it will change as the nature of this situation changes. The City will post the most current version of this plan on this page as they are made public.

COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan & Response Strategy

Based on information from the Manitoba Health, our Preparedness Response Level is currently set to Level III

Changes to City-Run Facilities, Services and Programs

Because of COVID-19 regulations released on October 30th, All City offices including the Civic Office and all City facilities will be closed to the public until further notice.

The following changes are in effect to ensure the safety of our employees and our citizens and to proactively stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As of October 30th, 2020, all gatherings, bookings and programming will be cancelled.
This page is continuously updating as more information is available.

City and Municipal Offices

Civic Office (200 Eaton Ave.): CLOSED to the public. For city services and requests please contact CitizenSupport.
Operations (739 Sophia St.): CLOSED to the public
Culture, Recreation & Green Transportation Buildings (630 Sophia St.):
CLOSED to the public.

Programs and Events

ALL large gatherings and events are cancelled for the foreseeable future
City staff will reach out to all participants/registrants as soon as possible.
NON-CITY OF SELKIRK PROGRAMS: CANCELLED – Please reach out to the organization directly
PUBLIC HEARINGS: Only MANDATORY Public Hearings outlined by the Municipal Act will be held, with strict safety and sanitary measures put in place. 
TRANSIT: OPERATIONAL – Buses have put in mandatory social distancing measures and heightened sanitary requirements. Masks are mandatory on all buses.
WASNT AND RECYCLING COLLECTION: Normal operation and pickup dates apply.

City Facilities

Indoor and outdoor facilities are CLOSED until further notice.

Parks and Playgrounds: OPEN – Please practice social distancing and wash hands immediately after using the equipment.
Selkirk Arena and Memorial Hall: CLOSED
Selkirk Park Boat Launch: OPEN – 
Passes can be purchased online.
Selkirk Rec Centre: CLOSED
Waste Transfer Station: OPEN hours

Other Related Facilities

Gaynor Family Regional LibraryOPEN. Curbside pickup for library items. Encouraging customers to place holds online at www.gfrl.org, or via phone at 204-482-3522. Limited parking lot WiFi available.
Gordon Howard Centre: CLOSED as of March 19.
Red River Planning District: OPEN to the public. Meetings can only be made by appointment only
Selkirk Biz: Located in the Civic office, no visitors are permitted. They can be contacted through email [email protected]
Selkirk and District Community Foundation: Located in the Civic office, no visitors are permitted. They can be contacted through email [email protected]
Selkirk Food Bank: Physical office is CLOSED. They are still accepting donations at drop off locations and distributing parcels to the community.=

Special Services

Help can come in a lot of forms. These businesses are making life a bit easier for our citizens during these times.

Regional Relief and Recovery Funding (RRRF)

The Government of Canada and Community Futures organizations (CFs) understand the difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the small business community throughout the West. As a result, the Government of Canada has made funds available to the CFs to provide support and assistance to SMEs through the rural stream of the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF).

Small business owners impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for loans up to $40,000 through the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF).

Click here for more info.

Halloween 2020

If you are planning on participating in any Halloween activities this year you must adhere to the Provincial Guidelines surrounding COVID-19 and be aware of the Pandemic Response System and the Provincial Response Level.
Province of Manitoba Halloween Guidelines
Prior to participating in Trick-or-Treating or any other Halloween activities, please use the Manitoba COVID-19 Screening Tool.
If you feel ill or there is a chance you have COVID-19 or you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you should not participate in in-person Halloween activities and should not participate in trick-or-treating in any way.

Should you participate in Trick-or-Treating (going door-to door or handing out treats) here are some tips to help prevent the spread:

  • Provide wrapped, store bought treats only. 
  • Use tools (e.g. tongs) or find creative ways to distribute treats at a distance
  • Provide individual bags and avoid self-service such as a common treat bowl
  • Hand out treats from your driveway or front lawn, if weather permits
  • Prevent/avoid groups at the door – consider using chalk or tape to indicate physical distance markers on your path or driveway
  • Maintain physical distancing (min. 6 feet). Consider placing a table between yourself and trick-or-treaters
  • Avoid touching doorbells, railings or other high-touch areas. Use hand sanitizer if you do touch these areas
  • Call “trick or treat” from at least 6 feet away
  • Wear a non-medical mask when physical distancing cannot be maintained or is unpredictable
  • Choose a costume that allows for a non-medical mask to be worn underneath
  • Wash hands and disinfect packages before eating candy

Halloween Activities

  • City of Selkirk Spooky I-Spy 
  • Halloween I-SPY @ the Library
  • Secret Story: Sometimes there can be magic in what’s missing. Like when you call the Library after hours…..when everyone has gone home….you might find a Secret Story…..(hint: call (204) 482-3522 and then press 5 or is it 6….?) Some numbers are active and if pressed, will play a recorded Halloween story.

Printable Resources for your window or door

Open for Boo-Ness                            Closed for the Year


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Public Health Information
Selkirk’s Business Continuity Plan and Response Strategy
Changes to City Services, Facilities and Programs
Special Services from Selkirk Businesses
Halloween 2020