Age friendly committee

Recognition Program”  honoring businesses and service organizations that are Age Friendly.

Get on target and become an Age Friendly Business or Service Organization today! Advertising yourself as an Age Friendly business or service organization shows people that you are committed to serving them.

Selkirk Age Friendly Business Recognition is Off and Running!
The Selkirk Age Friendly Committee dedicates itself to facilitating greater independence, activity, and health for older adults and the population in general. The Committee has established a list of priorities to make Selkirk friendlier.  These priorities include Safety & Accessibility, Health & Wellness, Transportation, and Housing.

Our newest initiative is the Age Friendly Business Recognition Program, honoring Selkirk businesses and service organizations that are or are aspiring to be Age Friendly.

As part of this initiative, participating businesses receive:

  • Education and self-assessment materials, educating businesses on Age Friendly best practices;
  • Decal: A participating business can proudly display an Age Friendly decal within their facility;
  • Inclusion on a list promoted to older consumers.

An Age Friendly Recognized Business is a people-oriented business.  It adapts its structure and services to be accessible to all people with varying needs and capacities.

When we consider the word “city” we often think of government, neighbourhoods and various community organizations such as non-profit and voluntary groups.  Certainly, all these help to make a city.  However, Selkirk would not be complete without a business sector.  Businesses that accommodate older customers are increasingly becoming a necessity.

Today, Age Friendly congratulates and identifies the over 25 businesses and service organizations recognized.

Congratulations to the recognized businesses and organizations.  We are looking forward to many more joining you.

Learn more about the Selkirk Age Friendly Committee.

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Article written 2019