The City of Selkirk presents Canada Day at the Selkirk Rec Complex on Friday, July 1. 

The day will include cultural programming along with live entertainment a market and of course, food vendors and the best fireworks display in the Interlake.

The free event will take place outdoors (weather permitting) so please bring a lawn chair.

The City of Selkirk is on Treaty 1 territory and that the land on which we gather is the traditional gathering place of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and the homeland of the Red River Métis Nation.

As we work towards reconciliation, it’s important to recognize Canada’s history and acknowledge the harms and wrongs this includes. We reflect on what it means to be Canadian and how that experience has been and continues to be inequitable for many. We reflect on what sort of Canada do we want to build together, for the future.

Selkirk has a vibrant Indigenous population that has shaped our community and we are so proud of that. This July 1 we have planned an event that allows the community to come together in a welcoming and educational space. All Canadian’s are encouraged to take time to learn, and reflect on how they can contribute to reconciliation. 

Please visit the Indigenous educational resources below.


Indigenous People of Manitoba – A Guide for Newcomers

A comprehensive guide about the languages and cultures of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples of Canada. Contains history of the residential schools, the treaties, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and current issues.


Truth and Reconciliation Commission:

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

An archive which includes records created or collected by the TRC during its mandate, a memorial of residential school students, several exhibits, and educational resources. The website aims to help Survivors, their families, educators, researchers, and the public understand the residential school system and hope to foster reconciliation and healing.

Reports from the TRC can be read here

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action

PDF document outlining the calls to action presented to the Canadian government.


United Nations Declaration:

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Indigenous Peoples

Describes the history of the declaration, and its purpose.


History of Treaty Lands:

Treaties with Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Differentiates between the numbered treaties and other treaties created in Canada and the US. Describes specific historical events as they relate to various treaties, such as the Selkirk Treaty of 1817. A section is designated to the Numbered Treaties. Maps are included.

The Numbered Treaties

A map designating the locations of each of the numbered treaties. This article discusses the history of the treaties, and the effects, and artifacts.


Manitoba Treaties:

First Nations and Treaty Areas in Manitoba

A map locating treaty land areas in Manitoba.

Treaty One

Explains what Treaty 1 is, how it was formed, who is involved, and describes what the members of Treaty One are doing to protect and strengthen treaty rights.

The National Residential School Crisis Line:



Wa-Say Healing Centre:


Assists former Indian Residential School students and their families in accessing emotional health and wellness support services.


Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre of Winnipeg:

204-924-3700 |

Counselling, sharing circles, traditional teachings, ceremonies.


Mental Health Counselling - First Nation & Inuit Health Branch:

Manitoba region: 204-983-4571 or 1-800-665-8507 toll-free


Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls’ Inquiry Support Line:

1-844-413-6649 | [email protected]


Kids Help Phone:

1-800-668-6868 | Text TALK to 686868


Disability Supports for First Nations People Living On-Reserve


Circles for Reconciliation

Healing Gardens:

Manidoonsag Imaa Mikinaako-Minisiing Sacred Spirits of Turtle Island

806 Manitoba Ave. Selkirk

Commemorates the history and legacy of the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls & Two-Spirited.

Anishnaabe Mashkiki Gitigaan or The People's Medicine Garden

Manitoba Ave. East, pocket park

Healing space for the whole community.


Mashkawigaabawid Abinoojiiyag—Stand Strong Children

260 Superior Ave. Selkirk

Commemorates the history and legacy of residential schools and their survivors.

The Healing Path

218B Manitoba Ave. Selkirk

Depicts 7 sacred teachings and animals associated with these teachings.

Endangered Species

Manitoba Ave. East, pocket park

Represents many of Manitoba’s endangered species, includes elements of Indigenous cultures.

Nookoomis Gikinoo’amaagoowinan – Grandmother’s Teachings

Downstairs Young Minds, 222 Manitoba Ave. Selkirk

Shows unconditional love and guidance from grandmothers and how they instill teachings to provide protection for individuals affected by missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people.

Canada Day Events

Tales & Trails Storybook Walk

9:00 am - 4:00 pm in Selkirk Park

In partnership with Frontier College

Follow the pages of the book and enjoy the story as you walk. Tales & Trails is an innovative and exciting way for children & adults to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time.

Tales and Trails runs from 9 am - 4 pm on July 1 at the pathway by picnic shelter 3 (near the Camp Awesome Building) in Selkirk Park. 


Indigenous I-Spy Scavenger Hunt

9:00 am - 4:00 pm in Selkirk Park

In partnership with Selkirk Friendship Centre and Frontier College  

21 printed signs will be hidden throughout Selkirk Park on July 1 from 9 am - 4 pm. Take a picture with a sign, post it on your Facebook or Instagram stories and tag @cityofselkirk be entered to win a prize package. Each photo posted and tagged is entry. See if you can find all 21 signs!  


Manidoonsag Imaa Mikinaako-Minisiing / Sacred Spirits of Turtle Island Mural

260 Superior Ave. Selkirk

In partnership with Manitoba MMIWG2S Family & Survivors Coalition

Tours of the Mural with Jeannie White Bird at 2 pm and 3 pm.


Mashkawigaabawid Abinoojiiyag—Stand Strong Children

806 Manitoba Ave. Selkirk

In partnership with Anishinaabe Gikinoo’amaagoowinan - The People’s Teachings

Tours of the Mural with Jeannie White Bird at 10 am and 11 am.

4:15 pm

Top Secret Band

Is a 3-piece band that has recently started playing in the Interlake area. Each band member has been playing for decades together and with other local bands. The band Top Secret plays Classic Rock, Country and Oldtime music!

5:00 pm

Vitretz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Established in 1977 in Rossdale, Manitoba, Vitretz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble under the direction of Rossdale Ukrainian Dance School sought to preserve Ukrainian culture for future generations through Ukrainian dance instruction. This was done by sharing the rich heritage of Ukraine and Ukrainian settlers to Canada. Although the school's beginnings were humble, the school quickly grew through the dedication of the dancers and their families.

In the past 45+ years, the Rossdale Ukrainian Dance School and its performing ensemble, Vitretz, have performed locally, nationally, and internationally. Having been reformed in 2015, Vitretz truly captures the spirit of Ukrainian culture through talented dancers presenting the beauty of dance and their pride in their Ukrainian roots wherever they perform. Vitretz, meaning "wind" in Ukrainian, has garnered a reputation of professionalism with its contagious enthusiasm and high-energy performances.

Vitretz has recently performed across both Manitoba and Canada to wide acclaimed audiences. The ensemble will be travelling to Brazil in the summer of 2023 for a joint show with the local ensembles, and continues to perform for local community events throughout the entire year.

5:15 pm


She is a five piece band comprised of Tracy Young Dodds, Allyson Krawec, Shannon David, Treasure Peterson and Barb Smith that individually are no strangers to the Manitoba entertainment scene.  Their fun filled repertoire consists of hits from the 60's, 70's 80's and beyond!  Get ready to sing along and dance as SHE transports you to a rock n roll paradise as only SHE can. 

6:00 pm

Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers

Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers are three siblings from Winnipeg, Man. who share a passion for jigging! The three Harris siblings, Michael, Jacob and Cieanna have been jigging ever since they can remember. They were shown the ropes by their grandparents. The trio blend traditional dances of the Red River Jig with its contemporary cousin, the hip-hop jig. The Dancers were formally known as the Slick and Lil J Show, but when Grandpa Ivan Flett, one of their biggest fans, passed away, they renamed themselves the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers in his honour. They hope to motivate and inspire people of all ages, and show that their Métis heritage continues to evolve through dance and music.

6:45 pm

Vitretz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

7:00 pm

For those about to Rock

Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive. From High Voltage to Black Ice, the timeless and iconic music of ACDC is revived through the members of For Those About to Rock. With the power and energy of a 21 gun salute, For Those About to Rock will take you through the entire career of ACDC, from the legendary Bon Scott years to the iconic Brian Johnson era.

8:15 pm

Vitretz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

8:30 pm

Billy Simard

9:00 pm

Ronnie Ladobruk and the Electric

With catchy riffs, blazing solos, memorable lyrics, pounding bass and powerful drumming Ronnie Ladobruk and The Electric are the definition of "The Whole Package". With an insane work ethic and determination to write Music that will connect with audiences everywhere in addition to their unforgettable performances opening for bands like Sebastian Bach, Pop Evil, Harlequin and countless other legendary acts, Ronnie Ladobruk and The Electric are the perfect Rock band for any venue/show or event.

9:50 pm

Jukebox Heroes

JukeBox Heroes is a Winnipeg based classic rock band that performs high-energy hits that helped shape Rock 'n' Roll from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Their live performances will take you back in time and get you up and moving with classics from Aerosmith, Queen, and ACDC.
JBH (for short) is also one of the few cover bands in the city that covers a number of great Canadian Rock classics from artists like Collin James, April Wine, and Streetheart. They have since added what are now deemed Classic Rock Hits from the 90's. Music from Weezer, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few.
What makes JBH so electrifying live is the love for the music they cover, and it shows in each and every performance. If you are a fan of Classic Rock, or just Rock, and want to enjoy your favourites with added energy and passion, then you have found the right band for the job.

11:00 pm


Harvester Outdoors Kids Zone at the Selkirk Recreation Complex

4:00 - 8:00 pm

Featuring outdoors games and a craft table in partnership with Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation


Makers Market Hosted by Bud and Bloom at the Selkirk Recreation Complex

4:00 - 10:00 pm

After years of planning, Bud & Bloom is thrilled to be hosting a Canada Day Market in partnership with the City of Selkirk.  Come support our local makers!

Getting to the Recreation Complex

Bicycle Valet Winnipeg Logo

In partnership with Bike Valet Winnipeg, you can drop-off your bicycle on site and pick it up at the end of the evening all for free!


How does it work?

You give us your bike and we give you a claim stub. After the event, you bring back the stub and we return your bike.


Do I need a lock?

We ask that you do not lock your bicycle. The site is secure and attended at all times.


Is it safe?

Yes. The valet is attended at all times. No one but Bicycle Valet staff are allowed inside the compound. However, it’s up to you to keep your ticket safe.


Can I leave my stuff with my bike?

Yes. Anything securely attached to your bike will be safe.


Will there be delays checking in and out?

There may be a short line when you show up. Our Valets work hard to get your bike parked or returned to you as quickly as possible!


How about my trailer, skates or jogging stroller?

Yes. We’ll park anything electric assisted or human powered. Sorry, we don’t park scooters, or anything with an engine.


What if I can’t get back in time to pick up my bike?

When you take your claim check, you’re agreeing to our service terms. If you’re not back to pick up your bike 30 minutes after the event has ended, we will secure your bike and you will have to come pick it up.

Selkirk Transit will run it’s regular route from 4:00 pm until after fireworks.

The route begins at Walmart every hour on the hour returns to Walmart (5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, 11 pm and goes to rec centre for fireworks)


Park and Ride will be every 30 minutes (or so) running from Superior Ave (217-221 Superior Ave) parking lot to Rec centre starting at 4 pm at parking lot till fireworks are complete(the bus will wait for 15 mins then leave back to the superior parking lot after fireworks).

Limited parking is available at the Selkirk Recreation Complex. 


Due to high water levels on the Red River and construction near the Waterfront, the City has opted to move the event and fireworks display to the Selkirk Recreation Complex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This year due to high water levels on the Red River and construction in the Waterfront area, the City has opted to move the celebration to the Selkirk Recreational Complex including the Fireworks display.

Outside! Unless it rains….

The city would like to remind everyone that events are never cancelled if it rains. If weather conditions are not suitable, an announcement will be posted on the City website and on social media relocating Canada Day events to the inside of the Selkirk Recreation Complex (180 Easton Drive). 

Staff will be monitoring weather & wind conditions throughout the day to ensure the fireworks can safely be set-off.  If conditions are determined to be too dangerous, they will be scheduled to be set-off the next evening at 11:00 pm (weather permitting). 

No, this area is under construction.  The only entrance to the event site is along Easton Drive.

The city of Selkirk strives to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals to engage fully.  If you have questions, tips, concerns or require assistance, please contact us.

Transportation & Parking

A dedicated accessible (reserved) parking area is provided in the Rec Centre Parking Lot but is very limited. Please have proper identification as a valid parking permit is mandatory for entrance into this lot.

Drop-off spots are also available should all the reserved parking be taken at the time of your arrival.

Audience Services

An accessible porta potty is available.

Fireworks are scheduled for 11:00 pm.  We try our best to stay on schedule however sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up and they could be delayed.

Yes, porta potties are on site and available to use including an accessible unit to accommodate mobility aids.

The Canada Day Market is coordinated privately by Bud and Bloom and supported by the City of Selkirk. 

Thank you for your interest in performing at Canada Day! Applications for Canada Day are now closed.

Following the recent changes in the Manitoba Public Health orders, the City of Selkirk will be following the recommendations from the province. Therefore, there is no vaccine mandates or mask mandates for people wishing to attend our 2022 event.


No this is a free family fun event!


Yes, at our information booth!

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our partners