A block party is a great way for neighbors to meet, gather and connect over food and fun. Building connections creates a sense of belonging in your neighborhood and contributes to wellbeing and safety in your community.

Block parties are organized by residents between May 1-September 30, and supported by the City of Selkirk’s Culture, Recreation, and Green Transportation Department, by providing certain aspects to make sure your Block Party is an ultimate success! Block Party formats are chosen by residents and can range from gatherings such as a barbecue, picnic, or potluck; basically anything that gets your neighbors together! Available to City of Selkirk residents only. 

Why book a block party through the City of Selkirk? The City of Selkirk will cover the insurance of all block parties. Plus, we will provide you with a Block Party Planning Guide  and our Block Party Equipment Trailer! 

What’s type of equipment is include with the trailer? Our trailer is loaded with fun games and equipment including a parachute, giant soccer balls, ladder ball, bean bag sets, disc slam, hop along bouncers and more! Block Party Equipment List

How to Book a Block Party

  1. Review the information on our website, including our Block Party Planning Guide
  2. Complete the request form below. Once we receive your request, we will review the date and time you have requested and email you back with confirmation. We will also ask the event organizer to sign our Block Party Agreement.