CitizenSupport is the city’s program to provide the best service we can to our citizens when they contact us looking for services, inquiries or to share their concerns. Our CitizenSupport representatives use software to record, monitor, fulfill and track the requests we receive in person, over the phone, online, or via social media.

By using this software, our team is better able to ensure our citizens get the services and answers they have requested and provides valuable insight into our performance . It allows us to track our teams progress in addressing requests faster and monitor user satisfaction and service standards.

The data displayed below represents the past 90 days (or 3 months) of data, and will be refreshed at the beginning of each month with the previous 3 months data.

Service Level Ticket Count

The chart below represents the CitizenSupport service tickets we have received by service category over the past 90 days. Detailed information for each service can be viewed by selecting a section within the chart.

Below we take the data from the previous chart and go one step deeper. For example: The chart above you can see how many contacts were regarding the Water service, while in the chart below you can get more detail about contacts regarding the Water service. How many contacts were regarding water billing? How many were about setting up a new water service? Use the drop down menu to select which section you’d like to see more details about.

Service Level Time to Respond

Our goal is to respond to each request within two working days. Some requests may take days or weeks to fulfill, while others can be done within minutes. Here you can see how we are performing on average.

Why We Heard From You

Questions, complaints or requests for services have been made. Here’s a breakdown of why we heard from you.

  • Request for Service: When a citizen is requesting a service, example: “There’s a tree down on the street, can someone come and remove it?”
  • Question: Not requesting service but have questions about or surrounding the service. “Who maintains the tree in front of my home?”
  • Complaint: When a citizen is unsatisfied with the service provided or is providing feedback. “The city still hasn’t removed the tree blocking my street.” or “I don’t like the tree in front of my house.”

Contact Method Ticket Count

Questions, complaints or requests for services have been made. Here’s a breakdown of how we heard from you.

  • In-Person: visiting us at the Civic Office
  • Phone: Calling us at 204-785-4900
  • Facebook: Chatting with us on Facebook messenger
  • CitizenSupport: Contacting us through the CitizenSupport portal at
  • Email: emailing us at [email protected]