Stay active and out of the cold during the winter months. The Walk & Jog Program is a great way to get out of your winter hibernation.

Walking is a great activity that most can do. According to Health Canada, walking is a simple exercise that will benefit people of all ages and it recommends people go for a walk every day and seek out places with walking paths.

A recent Northwest University study of 1,500 older adults with osteoarthritis symptoms like stiffness and aches but no disability found that those who walked briskly for at least one hour per week reduced their risk of acquiring a daily-living disability, such as being unable to dress themselves, by 45 per cent. The risk of developing a mobility disability, like walking too slowly to be able to cross the street, was reduced by 85 per cent.

The Walk & Jog program runs Monday to Friday at the Rec Complex, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. from September to April. It does not run on holidays or during special events. We also have someone on-site if you have any questions or in the case of an emergency.

Memberships and drop-in rates are as follows:
Selkirk residents: $40 for the year / $2 drop-ins
Non-Selkirk residents: $60 for the year / $3 drop-ins

You can get your Walk & Jog pass at Selkirk’s Culture, Recreation and Green Transportation offices at 630 Sophia Street, or you can pay at the Rec Complex during program hours.