One person changing out their windows might not save the world, but together we can make changes to the places we live and work that will lower how much energy we need – and can make a real difference right here in Manitoba and beyond.

Sarah Lawrynuik is a new program administrator for the City of Selkirk’s Energy Efficiency program, a partnership with Efficiency Manitoba. She’s here to help YOU!

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  • She can help you navigate the complicated world of government grants to lower how much energy needed to heat and cool your home.
  • She will show you how energy efficiency upgrades improve the value of your home, and how much it can lower your energy bill.
  • Sarah can connect business owners with the resources to lower their energy bills too.
  • Interested in switching from a gas vehicle to an electric one but don’t know where to start? Ask Sarah.
  • Sarah can share other ways to lower your carbon footprint as well. Just send her an email to find out more!

Email Sarah to find out more: [email protected].

Some answers can be found right on our Energy Saving FAQ page.