Diamonds, Fields, and Pitches

Located at Selkirk Recreation Complex

Phone:  204-785-4950

Email: [email protected]

Baseball/Slo-Pitch/Softball Diamonds

Four baseball and four slo-pitch/softball diamonds

User groups must apply prior to March 1 each year to guarantee diamond use for home games

Map of Diamonds

Soccer Pitches

Numerous soccer fields available ranging in size from mini to full

Map of Soccer Pitches

Football and Rugby Fields

Selkirk Recreation Complex also has fields available for Football and Rugby

Map of Football and Rugby Fields

Outdoor Rinks

Kin Centre

Located across from the Selkirk Arena (368 Jemima Street)

Free of Charge

Regular hours:

Monday to Friday 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday and Sunday 9:00am – 9:00pm

*Closed December 25, 2019 & January 1, 2020


Selkirk Park

Daerwood Village Park

Located at the east end of Edstan Place

Hydro Park

Located between Main and Eveline Street South of Strathnaver Ave

Little Lake Park

Located at the east end of Dorchester Ave.

Memorial Park

Located on Eveline St.

Penwarden Park

Located at the west end of Moody Ave.

Queens Park

Located on Eveline St. just south of Eaton Ave.