Geocache placed on the ground

Geocaching is a great way to explore a new place or to learn more about somewhere you already live. Geocaching involves using a GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate hidden treasures that are placed throughout an area. GPS’s are widely available but if you don’t have access to one, smart phones are also an option.

A cache (the treasure) is listed with coordinates on Make sure you create an account at to view the coordinates, or click the link below to download our geocaching brochure.

Once you find the hidden treasure, you can take a prize or “swag” item but make sure you leave something small for somebody else! Don’t forget to sign the log that is placed inside the cache! Sharing your geocaching adventure on adds to the fun and is a good way to let us know if there is something wrong with a cache. So grab a GPS, a friend, and let the fun begin!

Please note geocaching in Selkirk is only available from May to August. 

Regional Geocaching Links

Here is a link to the City’s page, but make sure you create an account first.

City of Selkirk Geocaching Homepage

As well, you can check out geocaching in the St. Clements Area.

St. Clements Geocaching

Here is the City of Selkirk’s geocaching brochure with a list of coordinates in the area. (If you do not wish to create an account)

City of Selkirk Geocaching Brochure