Red River Planning District & the Gaynor Family Regional LibraryAs Selkirk grows, sound decisions about land use can help to sustain the quality of life we now enjoy. Residents want well-planned, complete, inclusive neighbourhoods, with appropriate densities, key services within walking distance and the right mix of housing choices for different income levels and ages. Businesses want to be located where they can enjoy convenient access to the services they require.

Our development plan provides a framework for development policies and decisions. The development plan is designed to achieve stated objectives for development and promote the optimum economic, social, environmental and physical condition of the area.

The City of Selkirk is a member of the Red River Planning District. The RRPD is responsible for overseeing and enforcing the development plan. Click Selkirk and Area Development Plan

Zoning is an important tool that the City uses to implement the development plan and is used to promote orderly development within our community. Zoning works by regulating the use of land and the use and location of buildings and structures. Click City of Selkirk Zoning By-Law


If you have questions about land use planning in the City of Selkirk, please contact the Red River Planning District

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