Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are used to reunite owners with lost dogs, ensure that essential annual vaccinations are completed. Dog licenses are issued yearly and are free, upon proof of vaccination.

Getting a Dog License

  1. Obtain proof of vaccination from your veterinarian
  2. Visit either The City of Selkirk Civic Offices or one of the local veterinary offices in Selkirk.
    1. City of Selkirk Civic Offices200 Eaton Avenue, Selkirk  MB
    2. Either of the two local Veterinary Offices:
Selkirk Animal Hospital

601 Christie Avenue, Selkirk  MB

Selkirk Veterinary Services

6 Wersch Street, Selkirk  MB

Animal Control By-Laws

It is recommended that you become familiar with the Animal Control By-Laws of the City of Selkirk before obtaining an animal. You can find the Animal Control By-Laws here:

By-Law Enforcement

The first goal of our By-Law Enforcement Officers is to help residents avoid penalties by educating and working with our citizens. If you have any questions not answered by the By-Laws and information posted here feel free to ask us a question by submitting a CitizenSupport ticket or call us at (204) 785-4900.

Stray (at large) animals

If you see an animal that is not under a person’s control or is not being held in a secure enclosure (or fastened) please call our By-Law Enforcement officers at (204) 785-4924.

Lost Animals

If you have an animal that has gone missing please call our By-Law Enforcement officers (204) 785-4900. We do have a dog pound located at 720 Sophia Street, but we require the public to call our By-Law Enforcement Officers if you have a missing/lost pet.  We will gladly make arrangements to reunite owners with lost pets, while disrupting the animals as little as possible.

If you have questions about the City’s by-laws or concerns about by-law infractions, please contact the By-law Enforcement Office by phone at 204-785-4900.