OCTOBER 24, 2018


Notice is hereby given that a vote of the Electors of the City of Selkirk will be taken to elect a Mayor and six Councillors from the following duly nominated candidates:


Mayor: Four Year Term

  • Johannson, Larry
  • Kathwaroon, Ian
  • Macumber, Teresa


Councillors: Four-Year Term – Six to be elected

  • Buffie, John
  • Cook, Kelly
  • Downey, Chris
  • Fiddler, Lorie
  • Hourie, April
  • Poirier, Doug
  • Swiderski, Darlene
  • Wiebe, Kim

Where to Vote:

On Wednesday the 24th day of October 2018, between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, polls will be open at the following locations:

  • Lutheran Hall – Poll 1 – Area of Manitoba Ave, including both sides of Manitoba Ave, to the North City Limits, from the Red River to the West City Limits, Woodlands development, all PTH #9 and Boundary Road
  • Robert Smith School – Poll 2 – Area south of Manitoba Ave, up to including both sides of Pacific Ave, from the Red River to West City Limits, excluding the Woodlands development.
  • Daerwood School – Poll 3 – Area south of Pacific Ave, up to and including both sides of Strathnaver Ave from the Red River to the West City Limits, not including Boundary Road.
  • Centennial School – Poll 4 – Area south of Strathnaver Ave, to the South City Limits, between the Red River & the West City Limits.

Identification may be required before voting.


If you missed enumeration and are not currently registered on the voters list, you will need to bring a piece of identification to the polling station with you; preferably photo ID with your address but a medical card or bill with your Selkirk address will be be accepted.  Please use the map below to locate your polling station to visit on Election Day.


Advance Polls:

To accommodate qualified voters unable to vote at their proper voting place on Election Day, polls will be held at The City of Selkirk Civic Centre, 200 Eaton Ave, Selkirk

Wednesday, October 17     8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Thursday, October 18         12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Friday, October 19               9:00pm – 5:00 pm


Mobile Voting:

To accommodate qualified voters residing in health care facilities, moving polls will be held at:

Poll 1: Tudor House, Betel Home, and Red River Place

Poll 2: Selkirk Regional Health Centre, Selkirk Mental Health Centre


Sealed Envelope (Voting by Mail):

To accommodate qualified electors unable to vote in person at their polling place or advance poll, voters may apply in person, in writing, or by fax to:

The Senior Election Official,
200 Eaton Avenue,
Selkirk MB R1A 0W6

Ph: 785-4907          Fax: 482-5448

Applications must be received no later than October 19 at 4:30.


School Trustees, Lord Selkirk Division Ward 5

All of the above voting opportunities will be available at the same times and locations.

For more information please see the notice on the Lord Selkirk School Division webiste.



Dated at the City of Selkirk, in The Province of Manitoba, this 21st day of September, 2018.


Alison Sinclair,

Senior Election Official, City of Selkirk