The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the senior bureaucrat for the City of Selkirk and is responsible for managing the business affairs of the city. The CAO leads the City’s senior management team, overseeing projects and initiatives that support the achievement of the City’s strategic objectives and guiding the development of policy and procedures to administer the by-laws and resolutions of council. The role of CAO is required by The Municipal Act.


Duane Nicol, Chief Administrative Officer

Appointed by resolution of Council, Duane Nicol became the City’s CAO on May 26, 2014. Prior to this position, Duane was a City Councillor from 2002 to 2014. Duane has an honours degree in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba, an honours Business Analyst certificate from Red River College and is currently completing a masters degree in Public Administration through the University of Victoria.


Duane Nicol - City of Selkirk CAOWelcome to the City of Selkirk’s website. As a proud, life-long resident, it is my great honour to serve the citizens of this fantastic city. Rich in history and culture, our community’s story is linked to the founding and settlement of this province, but it starts far before the appearance of the first Europeans with the First Nations people who first called this land home. We are proud of our roots and we are excited by our future as the progressive urban centre of a growing and prosperous region.

Flowing from the vision set out by our community in its strategic plan and further articulated by Council, it is my job to bring together a professional civil service which develops and implements the policies, programs, procedures and practices that make Selkirk a great place to live, work and play. I am proud to lead a team of dedicated employees who work hard every day to build the sort of community in which we all want to live.

Over the past five years our community has experienced significant growth and development. To support this growth and to ensure it is done sustainably, Selkirk’s administration has committed itself to our “modernizing city government” initiative. Focusing on our people, technology and our processes, we are making the investments and changes necessary to meet the needs of our city today and tomorrow. It is truly an exciting time for Selkirk!