Update July 31, 2020:

Manchester Avenue – with the majority of top soil now completed, the landscapers will be onsite next week Tuesday and Wednesday (August 4th and 5th) to lay sod. The lane behind Jeff’s Mall received asphalt patching yesterday (July 30th) and we ask that due to the heat, this lane stays closed until after the long…

Update June 30, 2020:

Manchester Avenue Roadwork – contractor will start framing and pouring concrete sidewalks tomorrow (Wednesday, July 1st). Main Street Watermain Renewal – contractor will start framing and pouring concrete sidewalks tomorrow (Wednesday, July 1st). Manitoba Avenue East Revitalization Project – contractor continuing to work on parking lots, pocket parks, site furnishings and amenities.

Update June 24, 2020:

Manchester Avenue Roadwork – curb and gutter work will start tomorrow (Thursday, June 25th). There will be no road access on Thursday, or access to driveways on Thursday, June 25th and Friday, June 26th. Once the concrete hardens, the forms will be removed. This is anticipated to be done on Saturday or Sunday.

Update June 12, 2020:

Manchester Avenue – wastewater sewer and land drainage sewer work completed. Watermain liner work completed. The contractor will be here on Monday, June 15th to start on the road works. Main Street Watermain Renewal – work is completed. Sod put down on boulevard. Remediation of sidewalks still to be done. Manitoba Avenue East Revitalization –…

Update June 5, 2020:

Manitoba Avenue East Revitalization – the north parking lot is now open for public parking. The contractor is done with the lane closures on Manitoba Avenue, but will be continuing with tree and shrub planting today and into next week. The parking lot beside the Selkirk Record will be closed on Monday and Tuesday to…